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8 - 9 Years - Competitive NetSetGo

8 to 9-year-old girls and boys can play in this full-rules program where they continue to learn & build on the basic skills of netball.

10 - 15 Years - Junior Competition

This competition is for girls aged 10 to 15 years and boys aged 10 to 12 years old. 

18+ Years - Senior Competition

This competition is to help junior players transition into the senior competition.  The teams are created from a combination of 16 - 18-year-olds.

16 - 18 Years - Graduate Competition

5 to 7-year-old girls and boys can play in this modified rules program where they start learning the basic skills of netball, teamwork & sportsmanship. 

5 - 7 Years - Non Competitive NetSetGo

Team Information

This competition is for 18+ years and caters to both those wanting to play competitively or those wanting to play for fun.

Where possible, all our junior teams have dedicated and passionate coaches who are committed to teaching our players the rules of the game, teamwork, sportsmanship and more importantly a love for the game.

Our coaches run training sessions for teams each week focusing on skill development for younger or less experienced teams or match tactics and game-plays for the more experienced player.  Training sessions are all conducted at the Coronation Park Netball Courts at Minto - the same place where our competition games are held each Saturday during our winter competition.

We also hold a pre-season grading day for players 8 to 15 years to ensure teams are well balanced and matched to the skill level of the competition.  We try our best to accommodate players of all skills and abilities and place everyone into a suited team where possible.

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